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Solar Panel 4 U carries new solar panels if we are able to purchase them at a good price in Germany.  Solar Panel 4 U may acquire various brands, quantities and types of new solar panels. Solar Panels 4 U may buy production over runs or Production close outs.  Solar Panel 4 U does not buy new Chinese panels. Solar Panel 4 u does NOT sell Chinese new solar panels.  Prices will vary and are subject to change without notice.



NEW GERMAN SCHOTT ASI 100  Solar Panel:  Amorphous Silicone (ASI) : 12 Volt : 100 Watt.
Made by SCHOTT SOLAR in Germany. Get them while you can. GREAT Item, GREAT price. These NEW  panels are initially rated at 122 Watt. The 100 Watt is for long term use. Solar Panel Includes the Black high quality/durable Aluminum Framing & Double glass structure. The bypass diode can handle up to 1000 volts. Each cable is 4 ft. long and comes with Tyco connectors. This is made in Germany not like some others that claim to be engineered, designed, lying next to a German panel or other “Want to be” German statements.

ALL GERMAN MADE UNIT. TOP QUALITY. The ASI Cells are more efficient at low light unlike mono or poly cells. They also do not lose as much efficiency. Performance stays high at higher temperatures, poor module ventilation, or even non ideal module orientation. Please compare the workmanship of this GERMAN MADE unit to the Chinese ones on the market   It is an obvious difference in workmanship, quality of components, etc. These are top of the line German Solar Panels. A host of usages.12 volt units are scarce. We cater to the little guys not commercial or housing we want going green to mean something to those who need savings that matters to them today.  RV’S & Campers find many uses for solar panels. Use for batteries, waterpumps. On Grid or Off Grid usage. These solar panels still generate electricity in low light. Yes they still make electricity if it is overcast and not getting direct sunlight.

SCHOTT ASI 100 Solar Panels.

Weight is approx. 40 lbs.

Dimensions:  52 x 44 x 2 inches. (4ft. 4 inches x 3 ft. 8 inches x 2 inches)